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Portland’s cat-exclusive cat grooming team


prioritizing the safety, temperament, and well-being of your unique cat


cats groomed

Cats in the City is the largest and most advanced team of Cat Groomers on Earth.

After grooming more than 45,000 cats, it’s safe to say we have experience with all temperaments and most special needs.

From routine maintenance to medically necessary grooming, the tandem grooming team at Cats in the City is prepared to help your cat look and feel its best.

No matter what grooming service we are performing, our team will adapt and modify the procedures to prioritize the safety and comfort of every cat in our care.

No dogs

We know cats.  Mixing cats and dogs during grooming creates unnecessary stress.  Our grooming services are only for cats, making Cats in the City Portland’s cat-exclusive grooming boutique.

Comfort first

Our grooming shops are clean and designed for cats. The grooming team has extensive training in cat behavior and handling.

Full service

From routine grooming services to medically necessary treatments, our tandem groomers can handle it. We solve extreme cat fur issues.

Expert team

Our cat groomers are experts led by Dr. Daniel Lioyryan. The team has experience working with cats of all temperaments and a variety of medical needs, ranging from heart murmurs to pure “cattitude.”



Grooming Office Visit | Tandem Grooming Team


» Bath, dry, brush out

» Nail trim

starting at $129*

*final price is determined by the condition of the coat and actual services performed.  We cap the cost of most grooms at $259.


Grooming Office Visit | Tandem Grooming Team


» Any cat, in any condition

» Unlimited add-on services (Excluding soft paws, flea medications, ingrown claws, skunk treatment, and shuttle)



The following represents the starting costs for add-ons to bathing, brushing, drying, and nail trimming. We require a bath and nail trim with most grooms.  Grooming related needs may be discovered during the session that were previously unknown or not discussed.  We address such needs during the grooming session and actual services performed are charged at checkout.  Grooming sessions start at $129 and most grooms are capped at $259.




Use our online reservation system to request an appointment, specify your location, and pick your services.


Your cat can stay, but their fleas cannot. It is our firm policy to flea dip a cat immediately upon discovery of live fleas. Fleas are a year-round reality in Oregon, so please be sure to keep your cat current on any flea treatment (we can help with that!). Please remove all collars prior to grooming. We are not responsible for lost collars.


Drop your cat(s) off in a secure carrier, or have them ready to go in one if you have arranged for shuttle service. Although not required, for your cat's protection, we strongly encourage a cat to have a current rabies vaccine.


We have most cats in our care for grooming about 3 hours. We will contact you when your kitty is about 30 minutes from being ready.

Grooming Session

We require a bath and nail trim with most grooms.  Grooming related needs may be discovered during the session that were previously unknown or not discussed.  We address such needs during the grooming session and actual services performed are charged at checkout.  Grooming sessions start at $129 and most grooms are capped at $259.

Real Cats

We specialize in grooming real cats, often referred to as cats with Catitude. We use our collective professional experience during the grooming process to adapt and modify grooming procedures prioritizing safety, temperament, and ability of the individual cat before us.  Grooming aesthetic results will vary.  Cat hair grows back.

Claw Trims

For the safety of kitty and our team, we perform claw trims on most cats. We trim claws to just before the vein in the nail bed, which is harmless to cats. Claws regrow and sharpen within 2-6 weeks.

Fleas in Oregon

Our buildings do not have fleas. To maintain that status, for the health and safety of your cat, our team, and all cats in our care, it is our firm policy to flea dip a cat immediately upon discovery of live fleas.  We only flea dip cats who present with living fleas.

Solo Grooming Vs. Tandem

Cats Are The Reason Why

Claw Trims

Fleas in Oregon

Our buildings do not have fleas. To maintain that status, for the health and safety of your cat, our team, and all cats in our care, it is our firm policy to flea dip a cat immediately upon discovery of live fleas.  We only flea dip cats who present with living fleas.


Bath, dry and brush-out

Your cat is bathed using hypoallergenic solutions, dried, and brushed to remove dander, tangles, and loose fur.  We require a bath and nail trim with most primary services.  We will withhold a bath upon request, though it does not reduce the cost of the overall charge.

De-shedding (before bath)

Using patented tools we proactively remove as much of your cat’s loose shed and undercoat as possible, eliminating the cause of matting, and reducing the amount of fur your cat ingests, so fewer hairballs and less fur around the house. De-shedding your cat as part of routine cat grooming will prevent matting before it begins.

Fluffy cat after grooming

De-matting (dreadlock removal, before bath, see video)

We built our practice solving matting issues.  Using patented tools we gently remove the knots and tangles from car fur, essentially rescuing your cat’s coat, and bringing it back to life without the need to shave.  Although a cat’s cat can reach a state in which a shave is the only choice.  De-shedding as part of routine cat grooming will proactively eliminate matting before it begins.

Cat Before De-Matting / De-Shedding

Before De-Matting & De-Shedding

After De-matting & De-Shedding

After De-matting & De-Shedding


Fluffy cat after grooming

Lion cut (before bath)

A lion cut on a cat is a close trim shave, similar in length to a man’s buzz cut. It can be done with a natural or tapered lion mane, booties, and pom-pom on the tail.

Bison cut (before bath)

A bison cut on a cat is a close trim shave on the back half of the body of a cat, similar in length to a man’s buzz cut, while leaving the full length coat on the front half of the cat.  The bison cut can be done with a natural or tapered mane.

Teddy bear cut (before bath)

A teddy bear cut on a cat is similar to a lion cut, though a 1/2 to 3/4 inch layer of fur similar to lamb wool is left on the cat, and the face is tapered similar to a bear cub. This cut cannot be done on cats with matted fur.

If your cat has an imperfect coat (tangles, knots, compaction), you can still get a teddy bear cut but the fur requires preparation at an additional cost in order for the tools to work for this cut.

Matted shave (before bath)

We have thirteen years experience shaving cats that would otherwise be sedated and shaved at a vet. We have shaved thousands of cats who were severely matted without sedatives.  We have groomed over 35,000 cats in our tenure and we built our practice on solving the most severe matting issues.

Velvet cut (before bath)

A velvet haircut is a shave that is aesthetically similar to a teddy bear haircut, but at a 1/4 inch length, it is shorter than the teddy bear haircut.  Unlike a teddy bear haircut, a velvet haircut can be accomplished in some matted and compacted coats.

Sanitary trim and fecal removal

A sanitary trim is shaving the private area and sometimes the back of the legs, in order to keep kitty sanitary while using the litter box.

Fecal Removal.  Sometimes it happens. Some pretty yucky waste becomes stuck and needs cleaning of fecal matter to become sanitary.

Nail trim and ingrown claw removal

Your cat’s nails can’t be ignored, either.  Unclipped nails curl and thicken, injuring your cat’s paw pads.  Unclipped nails can also catch and stick to carpeting, scratching posts, and furniture, potentially injuring paws.  Cats in the City can maintain the health of your cat’s paws by safely clipping the front and the back nails periodically.  We recommend clipping nails every 6 to 8 weeks for indoor cats.  Does your cat scratch your furniture and floors?  We can help with that, too!

The red line is the nail trim cut line.

Removing ingrown nails and wound care for damage paw pads is an additional cost.

Need Mobile Nail Trims?  Use our mobile claw trimming service and we will trim your cat’s claws in your home:  www.CityCatClaws.com

Trim Paw Pad Fur

Leaves paw pads smooth which decreases the amount of litter that is tracked throughout the home.

De-flea and de-skunk (during bath)

De-flea is an enzyme concentrate that naturally kills fleas on contact by compromising their outer-shell (exoskeleton).

De-Skunk is a patented cleanser that significantly reduces and/or removes horrible smells.

Grooming alone will not solve a flea infestation.
We’ve done our part.  The rest is up to you!

Fleas are invasive.  They spread prolifically and undesirably.  Fleas have existed since the time of the dinosaurs, they survived the comet that caused the mass extinction event that killed off the dinosaurs, and to this day fleas are resistant to eradication.  Fleas have evolved to survive.  Ridding fleas from your pet and home once there is an observable problem is difficult, frustrating, time consuming, and expensive.  Using a routine flea prevention treatment is the best way to keep fleas off your cat.  

Cats in the City grooming is just one component to ridding your home and cat of fleas.  You have several actions and responsibilities in order to keep fleas from returning.   

All the money and effort expended today will be wasted and for not without you taking the following additional steps:   

  1. We have fully groomed your cat and we have neutralized the fleas living on your cat, and living in the eye sockets and nostrils of your cat.  
  2. You will see dead flea bodies on your cat.  The fleas latch on to your cat tightly at the time of death.  The fleas grip will loosen in the coming days and the flea bodies will shed naturally on their own.
  3. The grooming process included a flea dip, which neutralizes fleas on contact.  We administered an oral treatment called Capstar to neutralize fleas in the eye sockets and nostrils.  We also applied a monthly flea treatment called Cheristin.  
  4. The treatments we used are not enough to solve your flea infestation alone.  The treatments we used are not guaranteed and repeated grooming sessions may be required to fully solve your flea infestation.  
  5. The source of the fleas in your home must be eradicated.  Fleas can travel from neighbors who live upstairs, downstairs, and next door.  Fleas can live in yards, basements, crawlspaces, attics, walls, bedding, litter boxes, and voids created by furniture.  While treating your home yourself with home foggers and sprays is possible, remember that fleas survived the comet and fleas are likely to survive your efforts as well.  A licensed exterminator is most skilled and best equipped to solve flea infestations in your home.  
  6. Keep your cat on a monthly flea prevention treatment.  You have two months of additional flea prevention treatments.  Each monthly prevention treatment should be applied on a monthly schedule beginning one month from today.  Please purchase additional flea prevention treatments before you run out of treatments.  Any lapse in applying flea prevention can cause the flea infestation to return. 
  7. Two additional oral Capstar treatments have been provided in case you see additional flea activity.  Do not use Capstar more often than once per 24 hour period.  


Optional Follow-up Grooming Session If you find live fleas on your cat within 30 days of today’s grooming appointment.  

The De-Flea grooming package includes an optional second grooming session with a flea dip within 30 days of today’s appointment.  Not all cats require a second grooming session, especially if you’ve hired an exterminator to eradicate the source of fleas in your home.  Grooming alone is not enough to solve most residential flea infestations, and this followup grooming session is likely to fail as well if you haven’t involved additional professionals like a licensed exterminator and veterinarian.  Most cats will not need this followup grooming session, so it is only for those cats who have a recurring flea infestation within 30 days of today’s appointment. 

De-Flea Grooming Package –  $649


  • Total Package Grooming Session with Flea Dip
  • Oral Capstar Administered Today, and 2 Additional Doses of Capstar to Use at Home
  • Cheristin Monthly Flea Preventative Applied, and 2 Additional Doses of Cheristin to Use at Home on a Monthly Basis Starting One Month from Today
  • An Optional Second Total Package Grooming Session within 30 Days of Today’s Appointment


If you see live fleas on your cat after today’s grooming appointment, your flea infestation is much bigger than grooming can solve.  Your flea infestation will need to be solved by a licensed exterminator and a veterinarian.  

Dandruff treatment/skin therapy (during bath)

It’s common to find low levels of dandruff in a cat’s coat, especially in darker coats.  However, excess dandruff in your cat’s coat can be a sign of dry skin caused by the overproduction or underproduction of skin oil called sebum.  Grooming and bathing your cat  can address excess dandruff production and we can help!  In addition to grooming, increasing Omega-3 fatty acids in your cat’s diet will improve skin health.

Degreasing (during bath)

Cat hair can accumulate oil and appear greasy even after a bath.  When grease and oil has fully encapsulated your cat’s hair strands, it acts as a water repellant so water and bathing product do not penetrate the hair, resulting in poor outcomes.  We achieve clean results by using an advanced hypoallergenic formula that is gentle and safe.

Ear flush (during bath)

Using a veterinary formulated sterile solution, we flush the ears clean of debris and apply antiseptic powder, which keeps the ear dry and creates an environment more hostile to infection.

Eyes & nasal cleanse (during bath)

Using a veterinary formulated sterile solution, we flush the outer eyes, nose, and face clean of debris.

Teeth & oral cleanser | Breath freshener (during bath)

Using a veterinary formulated antiseptic solution, we flush the teeth, gums, and mouth clean of debris, and brush visible teeth, resulting in a cleaner mouth and fresher breath.  Bad breath can be caused by infection.  We will refer you to a vet if infection is suspected.

Soft Paws nail coverings

Now offering Soft Claws nail covering. Each application includes nail trim, nail caps, and application. Each application lasts 4 to 6 weeks.


We can fully rescue your cat’s coat.  We are cat fur experts and we have solutions for:

  • Matting, dreadlocks, knots, tangles, and compacted fur
  • Excessive shedding, bulky fur, hairballs, fleas, skin infection, and body odors
  • Waste accumulation and sanitary problems

Most cat fur problems result from too much accumulated shed hair in your cat’s coat. Cats in the City’s exclusive deshedding and dematting services remove excess shed while maintaining your cat’s full-length coat.


We can fully rescue your cat’s coat.  We are cat fur experts and we have solutions for:

  • Cats with heart disease and murmurs
  • Cats who are shy, skittish, agitated, or aggressive
  • Cats with blindness and/or mobility issues
  • Cats who are elderly and/or special needs
  • Cats with hair, without hair, matted hair, and perfect hair
  • Cats who are delicate, social, and perfectly sweet
  • … After 45,000 Cat Grooms, We Have Experience With All Cats.

And yes, in most cases we can successfully groom difficult and hard-to-manage cats.  If your cat has been turned away elsewhere, give us a call.

Meet the Tandem Cat Grooming™ Team

Daniel L., Ph.D.

Master Cat Groomer; Cat Behaviorist

Dr. Daniel Lioyryan earned his Ph.D. in neuroscience from OHSU with a focus on animal behavior. Under his leadership, Daniel and his team have groomed more than 40,000 cats. Daniel is a co-creator of CITC’s Tandem Cat Grooming™ program and he is instrumental in defining the profession of Tandem Cat Grooming™.

Shawn L., MSW

Lead Cat Groomer; Cat Behaviorist

Shawn started his career in social work serving those facing end-of-life. After learning to train animals as part of therapy for patients in hospice in 2008, Shawn founded Cats in the City to focus solely on helping cats. Shawn led the team in designing and implementing every program CITC offers. Shawn developed the boarding options using what he wanted for his cats as his guide, and he threw out the dog-centric grooming model and designed Tandem Cat Grooming™ so that cats in Portland and beyond could experience a safer and more complete grooming service. Shawn has performed more than 27,000 cat grooming sessions and he is proud to be a member of Team CITC with whom he shares in this awesome work.


Lead Cat Grooming & Cat Care

Rhiannan K.

Cat Grooming & Veterinary Assistant

Rhiannan began her career working in emergency animal medical centers. She is a lead grooming assistant and is apprenticing to become a Master Groomer at Cats in the City.


Lead Grooming Assistant; Lead Customer Service


Lead Grooming Assistant


Lead Grooming Assistant, Kennel Technician


Lead Grooming Assistant


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Grooming Assistant




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