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Is your cat’s coat a mess?  We can fully rescue your cat’s coat.  We are cat fur experts and we have solutions for:

  • Matting, dreadlocks, knots, tangles, and compacted fur
  • Excessive shedding, bulky fur, hairballs, fleas, skin infection, and body odors
  • Waste accumulation and sanitary problems
  • Most cat fur problems result from too much accumulated shed hair in your cat’s coat. Cats in the City’s exclusive deshedding and dematting services remove excess shed while maintaining your cat’s full-length coat.

Most cats are attended to by a pair of tandem cat groomers.  One groomer attends to your cat’s physical comfort while the master groomer focuses on grooming needs.

Your cat can stay.  Their fleas cannot!

Fleas are a year-round reality in Oregon.  For the health and safety of your cat, our team, and all cats in our care, it is our firm policy to flea dip a cat immediately upon discovery of live fleas.

What should I bring to my cat’s grooming appointment?

  • Bring your cat(s) in a secure carrier.  Make an appointment for all your cats at one time.
  • Although not required, for your cats protection, we strongly encourage you to bring proof of rabies vaccine.
  • We give all cats a nail trim.  Most home nail trims do not meet our standard.  Please cut just before the quick if you do the nail trim at home.  Clipping just the points is not accepted.

Cat grooming service definitions

Bath, dry, and brush out

Your cat is bathed using hypoallergenic solutions, dried, and brushed to remove dander, tangles, and loose fur.  We require a bath and nail trim with most primary services.  We will withhold a bath upon request, though it does not reduce the cost of the overall charge.

De-shedding (before bath)

Using patented tools we proactively remove as much of your cat’s loose shed and undercoat as possible, eliminating the cause of matting, and reducing the amount of fur your cat ingests, so fewer hairballs and fur around the house. De-shedding your cat as part of routine cat grooming can stop matting before it begins.

Cat Before De-Matting / De-Shedding

Before De-Matting & De-Shedding

After De-matting & De-Shedding

After De-matting & De-Shedding


De-matting (dreadlock removal, before bath, see video)

Using patented tools we gently remove the knots and tangles from the cat’s fur, essentially rescuing your cat’s coat and bringing it back to life without the need to shave. We built our practice solving the most severe matting issues.

De-shedding as part of routine cat grooming will proactively eliminate matting before it begins.

Cat Before De-Matting / De-Shedding

Before De-Matting & De-Shedding

After De-matting & De-Shedding

After De-matting & De-Shedding


Lion cut (before bath)

A lion cut on a cat is a close trim shave, similar in length to a man’s buzz cut. It can be done with a natural or tapered lion mane, booties and pom-pom on the tail. Your choice.

Lion Cut / Close Summer Shave

Lion Cut Pride

Matted Shave (before bath)

We have twelve years experience shaving cats that would otherwise be sedated and shaved at a vet. We have shaved thousands of cats who were severely matted without sedatives.  We have groomed over 20,000 cats in our tenure and we built our practice on solving the most severe matting issues.

Teddy Bear cut (before bath)

A teddy bear cut on a cat is similar to a lion cut, though a 1/2 to 3/4 inch layer of fur similar to lamb wool is left on the cat, and the face is tapered similar to a bear cub. This cut cannot be done on cats with matted fur.

If your cat has an imperfect coat (tangles, knots, compaction), you can still get a teddy bear cut but the fur requires preparation at an additional cost in order for the tools to work for this cut.

Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy Bear Cut

Velvet Cut (before bath)

A velvet cut is a shave using custom clipper blades so your cat’s coat can be cut to a measured length. We do velvet cuts in 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 5/8 inch, ¾ inch and 1-inch lengths.

If your cat has an imperfect coat (tangles, knots, compaction), you can still get a velvet cut but the fur requires preparation at an additional cost in order for the tools to work for this cut.

Sanitary Trim & Fecal Removal (before bath)

A sanitary trim is shaving the private area and sometimes the back of the legs, in order to keep kitty sanitary while using the litter box.

Fecal Removal.  Sometimes it happens. Some pretty yucky waste becomes stuck and needs cleaning of fecal matter to become sanitary.

Nail Trims & Ingrown Claw Removal

Your cat’s nails can’t be ignored, either.  Unclipped nails curl and thicken, injuring your cat’s paw pads.  Cats in the City can safely clip your cat’s nails periodically, but it is best to trim nails every 6 – 8 weeks.  Does your cat scratch your furniture and floors?  We can help with that, too!

Removing ingrown nails and wound care for damage paw pads is an additional cost.

Need Mobile Nail Trims?  Use our mobile claw trimming service and we will trim your cat’s claws in your home:

De-Flea & De-Skunk (during bath)

De-Flea and De-Skunk are treatment additives applied during the bath.

De-flea is an enzyme concentrate that naturally kills fleas on contact by compromising their outer-shell (exoskeleton).

De-Skunk is a patented cleanser that significantly reduces and/or removes horrible smells.


Dandruff Treatment / Skin Therapy (during bath)

Does your cat have flaky skin and dandruff? Dandruff is caused by a genus of fungi called Malassezia. Most living animals have Malassezia on their skin in healthy amounts. An over production or accumulation of this fungus causes dandruff. We treat the skin during a bath using an all-natural anti-fungal coconut oil-based therapy known to control and improve dandruff on cats.

Degreasing (during bath)

Cat hair can accumulate oil and appear greasy even after a bath.  When grease and oil has fully encapsulated your cat’s hair strands, it acts as a water repellant so water and bathing product do not penetrate the hair, resulting in poor outcomes.  We achieve clean results by using an advanced hypoallergenic formula that is gentle and safe.

Ear Flush (during bath)

Using a veterinary formulated sterile solution, we flush the ears clean of debris and apply antiseptic powder, which keeps the ear dry and creates an environment more hostile to infection.

Eyes & Nasal Cleanse (during bath)

Using a veterinary formulated sterile solution, we flush the outer eyes, nose, and face clean of debris.

Teeth & Oral Flush | Breath Freshener (before bath)

Using a veterinary formulated antiseptic solution, we flush the teeth, gums, and mouth clean of debris, and brush visible teeth, resulting in a cleaner mouth and fresher breath.  Bad breath can be caused by infection.  We will refer you to a vet if infection is suspected.

Soft Paws nail coverings

Now offering Soft Claws nail covering. Each application includes nail trim, nail caps, and application. Each application lasts 4 to 6 weeks.

Grooming Office Visit $109
Office Visit Includes:

  • Bath, dry, brush out (Included)
  • Nail Trim (Included)

Reserve Now

Starting Cost of Treatments:

  • De-shedding: $35
  • De-matting: $35+
  • Shave (lion cut or summer shave): $35
  • Matted Shave: $50+
  • Teddy Bear cut: $50+
  • Velvet cut: $50+

  • Nail Trim A La Cart: $30
  • Sanitary Trim: $20+
  • Fecal Removal: $20+
  • Belly Trim: $25+
  • Taper Mane: $20
  • Additional Handling for Needier Cats: $25+
  • Crate Sanitizing: $15
  • Trim Paw Pad Fur: $16
  • Nail trim: $30
    Ingrown Nails: $20 each
    Wound Care: $10 each
    Soft Paws $30 + nail trim
  • Monthly Dose of Flea Treatment: $20
  • Cap Star Oral Flea Treatment: $25
  • De-Flea / Flea Dip: $35
  • Skunk Treatment: $50
  • Ear Flush: $25
  • Eyes & Nasal Cleanse: $25
  • Teeth & Oral Flush | Breath Freshener: $25
  • Degreasing: $25
  • Dandruff Treatment: $25
  • Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, Anti-Fungal Bath: $25
  • Shuttle service: $3.99 per mile ($50 minimum)

Office Visit | Total Package

  • Any cat, in any condition,
    with unlimited add-ons: $229
    (Excluding Soft Paws, Flea Medication, and Shuttle)

Need Mobile Nail Trim Services?

  • Service Starts at $99


Cats in the City is Portland’s cat-only grooming boutique.

We know cats.  Mixing cats and dogs during grooming creates unnecessary stress.  Our grooming services are only for cats.

We do it all from routine maintenance to medically necessary grooming.  

We service cats of any size and temperament.  We specialize in solving the most extreme cat fur issues.  We have a complete grooming menu offering basic nail care, sanitary trims, bath and brush outs, lion cuts, teddy bear cuts and more. We can de-flea and de-skunk your cat.

We do all this without the use of sedatives or restraints. How?  Let us tell you!

  • Our experts are trained cat groomers led by animal behaviorist Dr. Daniel Lioyryan.
  • Our cat groomers have extensive training in animal behavior and handling.
  • We focus on one cat at a time so cats do not become over stimulated.
  • Our grooming shops are clean and calm, creating an environment most suitable to grooming cats.
  • Most cats are attended to by a pair of tandem groomers so that one groomer can focus on maintaining your cat’s comfort, while the other groomer safely brushes and removes fur.
  • We use professional-grade, patented tools to comfortably and efficiently groom your cat.
  • For safety, we use hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners.
  • We are referred to by more than 25 veterinarians in the Portland Metro Area.

Our cat groomers are experts!  We have experience working with cats.

  • Cats with heart disease and murmurs
  • Cats who are shy, skittish, agitated, or aggressive
  • Cats with blindness and/or mobility issues
  • Cats who are elderly and/or special needs
  • Cat with hair, without hair, matted hair, and perfect hair
  • Cats who are delicate, social, and perfectly sweet
  • … after 30,000 cat grooms, we have experience with all cats.

And yes, in most cases we can successfully groom difficult and hard-to-manage cats.  If your cat has been turned away elsewhere, give us a call.

By appointment only
Wednesday – Sunday starting at 9:00AM

Need a lift?  Our shuttle will even taxi your cats to and from our salons!

Call for an appointment today 503-214-2003

Grooming Session

We require a bath and nail trim with most grooms.  Grooming related needs may be discovered during the session that were previously unknown or not discussed.  We address such needs during the grooming session and actual services performed are charged at checkout.  Grooming sessions start at $100 and most grooms are capped at $229.

Real Cats

We specialize in grooming real cats, often referred to as cats with Catitude. We use our collective professional experience during the grooming process to adapt and modify grooming procedures prioritizing safety, temperament, and ability of the individual cat before us.  Grooming aesthetic results will vary.  Cat hair grows back.

Claw Trims

For the safety of kitty and our team, we perform claw trims on most cats. We trim claws to just before the vein in the nail bed, which is harmless to cats. Claws regrow and sharpen within 2-6 weeks.

Fleas in Oregon

Our buildings do not have fleas. To maintain that status, for the health and safety of your cat, our team, and all cats in our care, it is our firm policy to flea dip a cat immediately upon discovery of live fleas.  We only flea dip cats who present with living fleas.

We have most cats about 3 hrs and
we call you when your kitty is 30 minutes from ready.