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Price List

Prices for Cats in the City’s mobile cat claws service are based on the driving distance from our cat resort.

There’s no extra charge for handling a cat with attitude.Nail Trimming (front and back paws):

1–4 miles : $119
5–6 miles: $129
7–8 miles: $139
9–10 miles: $149
10-12 miles: $159

Each additional cat at the same location: $45

SoftPaws Nail Caps:
$25 for front claws / $20 for rear claws + nail trimming chargeAdditional Services:

Trim Ingrown Claw: $25 per claw
Wound Cleaning: $25 per wound
Sanitary Trim, No Bath: $35
Ear Cleaning & Nasal Flush: $25

Mobile Claw Trimming Appointments are scheduled with a two hour window, and we call you when you are next in line for us to come to you home to provide service.

Check Availability & Reserve Mobile Nail Trimming 

We deliver a painless peti-cure for perfect paws

City Cat Claws is a mobile claw trimming service created by Cats in the City.  Our mobile nail trimming service puts perfect paws within your reach. Since we come to you, your cat does not need to be packed up in a carrier and loaded in the car.  We will safely and painlessly trim your cat’s claws in their home environment, and even apply Soft Claws nail caps.

Soften up the tough love

If your kitty is the “kneady” type, you know the pain of sharp claws. Protect your clothing and skin with regular nail trimming of your cat’s claws. Regular cat claw trimming is important—and not just to protect your furniture.

Claws can become painfully ingrown into paw pads when cat claws are allowed to grow untrimmed.  By keeping cat claws trimmed, you protect your cat from injury if they are prone to snagging claws on carpets and bedding.

What all the chic cats are wearing

Invented by a veterinarian, Soft Claws nail caps are non-toxic tips applied to each of your cat’s front and rear claws. Your kitty can still extend and retract its claws, but the tips are blunt and won’t damage furniture, clothing, or skin. The nail caps are available in a spectrum of colors, as well as clear, so a fashionable feline can show her true colors. Soft Claws last about 4-6 weeks.

Other Services by Cats in the City

Cat Boarding

Our cat hotels look and feel like beautiful homes, and our boarding suites are personalized rooms─no cages. We offer round trip transportation, too.

Cat Grooming

Our cat grooming salons are for cats only─no barking dogs. From baths to medically necessary grooming. Schedule round trip transportation with any grooming service.

Cat Sitting

In-your-home care is exactly what some cats need. Let us bring our expertise and high standards to your door. While caring for your cat, we keep your home safe and functioning, too.

Cat Travel Agent

We provide full-service, door-to-door pet relocation. While you focus on moving yourself, we coordinate every aspect of your cat’s move: health exams, air travel and ground transport.