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About Cat Travel Agent Services

A dedicated cat relocation manager will manage every aspect of moving your cat to their new home. You will work with the same team from beginning to end to ensure continuity and a successful move. Your dedicated cat relocation manager will gather all needed information to provide you with a realistic quote. Once approved, we coordinate health exams to obtain airline required health clearances, gather all supplies including airline approved crates (if necessary), schedule and arrange all airline, taxi, pick up and drop off details. All you do is hire us, and we do the rest.

Our door-to-door cat relocation is a full-service option that starts around $500, not including airfare and other travel charges.

Health Certificates

Your cat relocation manager will work with your vet or partner with a vet in our network to schedule needed services to obtain necessary health clearances for travel. We make sure all vaccinations are in order and all paperwork is accurate and compliant. Managing the service from start to finish means nothing is missed and your cat will be permitted to board their flight.

Travel Arrangements

Your cat relocation manager will schedule and confirm all of your cat’s travel needs. We make sure all documents are accurate and permissable. We make sure transportation to and from the airport on the departure and arrival side are in place, we personally check in and pick up all cats at the airport, and we’re available to you during the entire process.

Air Transportation

We schedule all flights in advance and provide copies of confirmations and receipts. This will include your cat’s schedule, flight number, ticket information, and contact information for all parties involved.

Comfortable Air Travel

We only use airlines that provide climate-controlled travel, just like you have when you travel. Your cat will be safe for the duration of their flight.

Post-Move Accommodations

Your travel schedule may not match up perfectly with your cat’s schedule. Sometimes your cat will arrive in their new city a few days before you, because you’re driving across country or making a few stops along the way. Other times, you might have to leave before your cat does. We are a full service cat relocation agency. Your cat relocation manager will make sure boarding and grooming services are arranged so your cat is in good hands while you tend to other matters.


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