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Let Your Cat Stay in a Comfortable, Specialized Environment

Our Cat Boarding Services

When your cat boards at Cats in the City they are provided a personalized room, or “apartment,” as some customers have referred to our rooms. All our private boarding options are large and provide a relaxing, safe, and enjoyable experience for your cat. 

Cats receive ample time to explore the common areas, playrooms, and Catio, when available. We keep careful watch over our furry guests. Cats enjoy frequent contact with skilled care providers, petting, playtime, and treats that you bring or that we provide. We follow your instructions regarding feeding, medications, and other care needs.

Cats in the City Cares

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Cats in the City is Better Care for Cats

At Cats in the City our top priority is the health of the cats in our care. We track and record all food and water consumed, and all liquid and solid waste eliminated.  We measure hydration levels, monitor weight when needed, and we test blood sugar levels when appropriate.  In real time this data allows us to respond, adapt, and meet the complex physical and emotional needs of cats boarding with us.


  • Your cat will get playtime and attention from our cat-loving team.
  • Animal technician and animal behaviorist on staff.
  • We ensure a flea-free environment.
  • Our home-style facilities are super clean and are climate-controlled (central air conditioning in the summer / heating in the winter).
  • We will watch your kitty for any signs of potential health problems, and will respond appropriately if a situation presents.
  • HEPA filtration and UV Light Air Exchange Systems to ensure air quality.
  • Veterinarian on-call 365 days-a-year
We’re also skilled at taking care of pets with special needs, including older animals with low mobility. We commonly administer insulin, oral medications, injections, and Sub-Q fluids.

What Makes Us Stand Out?


Ample Space

All our rooms are big. The real question is: Do you want big, bigger or biggest? Each facility averages 4,000 square feet with about 30 rooms.


Impressive Facilities

Our cat hotels are clean and comfortable. Every room has hospital-grade flooring and is ventilated with clean fresh air, central heating, and cooling.


Comfort First

Our boarding facilities are clean and designed for cats. Our expert team has extensive training in cat behavior and handling.


Attentive Staff

Our Human-to-Cat Ratio is one great team member for every 7-10 rooms. We’re also qualified to care for cats with medical needs, and we have animal technicians and a behaviorist on staff.


Real Cats

We use our collective professional experience during the grooming process to adapt and modify grooming procedures prioritizing safety, temperament, and ability of the individual cat before us.

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Plenty of Playtime

We’re not a cat warehouse. Cats are given the opportunity to be in the playrooms, community rooms, and catios, as well as lots of personalized loving care and attention.

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Cats in the City Boarding Policy


10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM to 4:45 PM, by appointment

Sellwood Sunday: Closed to the Public
(Checking out from Sellwood on Sunday incurs an After-Hours fee)

The daily rate is assessed for every day a reservation touches


A non-refundable deposit equal to the cost of 50% of the estimated boarding fees will be charged to the credit card provided.  The deposit paid is non-refundable and non-transferable.  Any cancellation at any time for any reason forfeits the entire deposit. The balance of any estimated fees are billed at check in and any room change fees, upgrades, and incidentals are billed at check out. We take a credit card now, and we will charge the 50% non-refundable deposit upon acceptance of your reservation request. Cancellations made without notice (No-Shows) must pay the full amount due for the entire scheduled reservation.

Holiday Cancellations: Non-refundable deposits for service during scheduled holidays recognized by Cats in the City is equal to 75% of the estimated boarding fees.  Your credit card will be billed 75% of the estimated fees for service when scheduled over a holiday recognized by Cats in the City.  Any cancellation at any time for any reason forfeits the entire non-refundable deposit.  Non-refundable deposits will not be refunded or transferred.  Holidays we recognize includes Christmas Eve. and Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years Day, Thanksgiving, July 4th, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.

Holiday Fees / Peak Dates: We assess a holiday fee of 10% of daily base boarding rates for each day during peak dates.  View our FAQ page for a complete list of Peak Dates.


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Cat Boarding in Personalized Rooms

At Cats in the City, your cherished feline will find a dedicated haven, designed exclusively for their contentment and care. Our expansive facilities include personalized ‘apartments’, offering many options to suit your cat’s preference for space and solitude.

Health is our top priority; we meticulously record all consumption and elimination, ensuring real-time responses to your cat’s needs. Our cat boarding services also provide:

  • Ample exploration time in common areas, playrooms, and catios.
  • Frequent interaction with our skilled caregivers for petting, play, and treats.
  • Expert care for special needs pets, including medication and treatment administration.

Our facilities prioritize cleanliness and comfort with hospital-grade flooring and optimal ventilation. And with an attentive staff-to-cat ratio, every feline receives the personalized attention they deserve.

Take a tour today and preview your Cat’s new favorite spot!

Our Locations for Boarding

Cats in the City Serves all of the Metro Portland Area, with 2 locations dedicated specifically to Cat Boarding. 

Preview our locations, view the specialized Suites in each location, and learn more about how Cats in the City is Better Care for Cats! 


Caring for Cats in the Portland Metro Area

We measure our love of cats by how much we are loved by them.

Have questions or need to arrange care for your feline friend? We’re here to help! Reach out to us for any inquiries or to schedule our services.

For more immediate assistance, feel free to call us. We look forward to hearing from you and providing the best care for your cat!


Phone: 503-214-2003

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