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Cat Boarding in Spacious, Personalized Rooms – The New Standard

All our rooms are big. The real question is: do you want big, bigger, or biggest?

Studio Bedroom $50 Daily

Studio Bedroom

4′ long x 4′ wide x 7.5′ tall (minimum)
9′ long x 5′ wide x 7.5′ tall (maximum)
Spacious rooms, with windows with views of the indoors, ramps and climbing structures, scratchers, cat beds, toys, cubbies, private time in our catios, playrooms and family rooms.  Many Studio Bedrooms have direct window views of the outdoors as well.
Additional Cats: $10

Super clean and welcoming.

The Upper Deck Catio provides fresh air, exercise, and play.


Every room has hospital grade flooring for superior sanitation.  Plush luxury washable fabrics in every room.

Side Deck Catio Shared by cats boarding with us.

Private Master Bedroom $70 Daily

Private Master

9′ long x 6′ wide x 12′ tall (minimum)
13′ long x 9′ long x’ 10′ tall (maximum)

Large furnished rooms, private windows with views of the outdoors and indoors, toddler beds, cat towers and scratchers, toys, cubbies, private time in the catios, playrooms and  family rooms.

Additional Cats: $10


Every Master Bedroom has a Private Window looking outside and Glass Door looking inside.

Master Bedrooms are full size rooms with hospital flooring, ventilation, central air, interior and exterior windows.  They vary in size and shape.

Luxury Catio for cats to share while boarding.

Private Grand Master Bedroom $80 Daily

Private Grand Master Bedroom

13′ long x 13′ wide x 12′ tall (minimum)
14′ long x 20′ long x’ 12′ tall (maximum)

Our Largest rooms, furnished, private windows with views of the outdoors and indoors, toddler beds, cat towers and scratchers, toys, cubbies, private time in the catios, playrooms and  family rooms.

Additional Cats: $10

Cats have so much space they don’t even know they’re boarding.

Bright and Cheerful Grand Master Bedroom

Every Grand Master has a Log Cabin Bed, glass door, and window looking outside.

Luxury Catio for cats to share while boarding.

Jungle gym Room (Sellwood) $70 Daily

Jungle Gym Master

14′ long x 4′ wide x 10′ tall
This long, spacious room is designed for the nimble cat that loves to climb!
Window views of the outdoors and indoors, cat towers and scratchers, perches, ramps, toys, cubbies, private time in the playrooms, family rooms, and catios.

Additional Cats: $10

Perches, sky bridge, tower, and window makes this room a favorite.

Bay Window Master (Tabor) $80 Daily

Bay Window Master

16′ long x 6′ wide x 10′ tall
Does your cat hangout on your windowsill all day long?  This room boasts a large bay window, perfect for people, bird, and squirrel watching.  A furnished room with cat beds, cat towers and scratchers, toys, and cubbies, plus access to our catios, playrooms, and family rooms.

Additional Cats: $10

Four windows and great natural light.

Mountaineer Room (Tabor) $70 Daily

Mountaineer Room

This space is two stories tall!  A reimagined staircase, this room has two perched windows, stairs, cubbies, and towers, a great choice for nimble cats that enjoy climbing!

Additional Cats: $10

Two-story luxury room with more than 20 Perches and Stairs to climb for active cats.

Aquarium Room with Private Catio (Tabor) $90 Daily

Aquarium Room with Private Catio

This spacious room has large windows, perches, towers, bedding, and an up-close view of a 150 gallon freshwater fish tank.  During the day, your cat can enjoy the outdoors at their leisure because this room opens to a spacious and private outdoor catio, just for your cat!  Our catios are covered and can be enjoyed year-round.  

Additional Cats: $10

Luxury Cat Boarding in the Aquarium Room.  Features three windows, two glass doors, private catio, and sunshine.

Private Catio with Aqua Room. Fresh air, exercise, and comfort.

Garden-View Master with Private Catio (Sellwood) $90 Daily

Garden View Master with Private Catio

14′ long x 14′ wide x 10′ tall  –  A Grand Room with Private Catio

This large, light and bright Master Bedroom has private windows with views of the outdoors, large bed, cat towers and scratchers, toys, cubbies, and a wooden rabbit hutch for climbing and hiding.  During the day, your cat can enjoy the outdoors at their leisure because this room opens to a spacious and private outdoor catio that overlooks the gardens and activity in Crystal Springs Creek.  Our catios are covered and can be enjoyed year-round.

$10 Each Additional Cat

Garden View Grand Master Bedroom with Private Garden View Catio

Private Luxury Garden View Catio that comes with the Garden View Grand Master Bedroom.


Monthly Discount
(Long-term boarding)

10% OFF Monthly Boarding Fees
*Conditions Apply


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Your cat can stay.  Their fleas cannot!

Fleas are a year-round reality in Oregon.  For the health and safety of your cat, our team, and all cats in our care, it is our firm policy to flea dip a cat immediately upon discovery of live fleas.

Features at both Sellwood and Tabor Locations

  • Each facility averages 4000 square feet with about 25 rooms, so every cat gets twice the space, and ample time out to tour the facilities.
  • Our Human to Cat Ratio is one great team member for every 7-10 rooms.
  • Every room is ventilated with clean fresh air, central heating and cooling, and hospital-grade flooring.
  • Our facilities are equipped with refrigerators, freezers, and dishwashers.  Seems basic but these features aren’t standard at most facilities.
  • Every cat gets private and/or community time in our playrooms and common rooms.  More than half of the square footage in our facilities is dedicated for out of room activities.  We don’t warehouse or stack cats.
  • We care for cats with special needs: oral medications, eye drops, inhalers, injections, blood glucose monitoring, subcutaneous fluids, diet monitoring.  If a facility injects your cat with insulin without first testing blood glucose levels, they are putting your cat’s life in jeopardy.
  • Studio Bedrooms Master Bedrooms, Grand Master Bedrooms available, some with private catios.
  • Some rooms offer complete privacy so cats cannot see other cats.
  • Family rooms, family time, and enriched play to keep cats happy and purring.
  • Private time in our outdoor Catios!  Our Catios are commercial grade, covered, and usable year-round.
  • On-call access to 24-hour medical team.
  • Animal technicians and behaviorist on staff.
  • Superior air quality, superior sanitation, and expert care.
  • Our facilities are clean, quiet, calm, relaxed, and enriched environments for cats.

Check-in/Check-out hours:
Weekdays: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM to 4:45 PM, by appointment
Saturday: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM by appointment (Saturdays incur daily fee no matter when checkout is scheduled)
Sunday: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM by appointment (Sundays incur daily fee no matter when checkout is scheduled)
After hours fee of $75 applies to all after-hours and Sunday checkins and checkouts.

*Cancellations for boarding reservations incur a cancellation fee equal to the cost of two days of boarding at the room rate reserved, and there are no credits or refunds for unused days if you return early.  Minimum fee for boarding is equal to the cost of three days at the room rate reserved. 

Add-on Services

  • After Hours Check-in / Check-out Fee | $75-$150
  • Holiday Fee | Peak Day – $40
  • Outdoor Catio- FREE!
  • Nail Trim- $30    Additional Grooming Rates
  • Monthly Dose of Flea Treatment- $20
  • Tuna / Meat Puree- $3.50
  • Shuttle in / out – Starting at $50
  • Oral medication- $10 (unlimited oral medicines)
  • Eye Drops- $10 (unlimited drops)
  • Topical Cream- $10 (unlimited locations)
  • Insulin Injections- $50 Daily – Includes daily Glucose Monitoring
  • Sub-Q fluids- $30 per treatment
  • On-Site Medical Visit- $49 + cost of medical care
  • Off Site Medical Chaperone- $1 minute + cost of medical care & transport
  • Long-term cat boarding also available – (monthly rate 10% Discount)

Cat Boarding Done Right

When your cat boards at Cats in the City they are provided a personalized room, or “apartment,” as some customers have referred to our rooms.  All our private boarding options are large and provide a relaxing, safe, and enjoyable experience for your cat.  Cats receive ample time to explore the common areas, playrooms, and Catio, when available.

We keep careful watch over our furry guests. Cats enjoy frequent contact with skilled care providers, petting, playtime, and treats that you bring or that we provide. We follow your instructions regarding feeding, medications, and other care needs.

Special needs cats: We’re skilled at taking care of pets with special needs, including older animals with low mobility. We commonly administer insulin, oral medications, injections, and Sub-Q fluids.

Our pledge to you and your cat:

  • Your cat will get playtime and attention from our cat-loving team.
  • Animal technician and animal behaviorist on staff.
  • We ensure a flea-free environment.
  • Our home-style facilities are super clean and are climate-controlled (central air conditioning in the summer / heating in the winter).
  • We will watch your kitty for any signs of potential health problems, and will respond appropriately if a situation presents.
  • HEPA filtration and UV Light Air Exchange Systems to ensure air quality.
  • Veterinarian on-call 365 days-a-year

How it works

  • You make a reservation, and choose one of three private bedroom options: Studio Bedroom, Master Bedroom, and Grand Master Bedroom. Your cat spends the day and night in our comfortable home-style facilities.
  • Medicate your cat with flea treatment, and bring in proof that kitty is on flea treatment, or we will apply a monthly dose of flea treatment on kitty upon arrival for $20. The only exception is a letter from your veterinarian explaining why your cat cannot be given a monthly dose of flea treatment.  We do not accept off-brand or discount store products.
  • Make an appointment to bring in your cat, along with sufficient amounts of food and treats, as well as any medications and instructions. We provide everything else.
  • Complete and submit the electronic forms by clicking the “Boarding Check-in Form” and “Medical Authorization and Release” buttons below.

Call for an appointment today 503-214-2003