Caring for and Boarding Cats with IBS at Cats in the City

Caring for and Boarding Cats with IBS at Cats in the City

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in cats can present a significant challenge for both owners and caregivers. At Cats in the City, we understand the unique needs of cats with IBS and are committed to providing specialized care that ensures their comfort and well-being during their stay. This article outlines our approach to managing and boarding cats with IBS, highlighting the key aspects of their care.

Understanding IBS in Cats

IBS in cats is a gastrointestinal disorder characterized by chronic inflammation of the intestines, which can lead to symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and changes in stool consistency. Managing this condition requires careful attention to diet, stress levels, and overall health.

Key Considerations for Boarding Cats with IBS

  1. Dietary Management:
    • Special Diets: Cats with IBS often benefit from a special diet that is easy to digest and free from common allergens. We ensure that these dietary needs are met by providing high-quality, veterinarian-approved food.
    • Consistent Feeding Schedule: Maintaining a consistent feeding schedule helps to manage IBS symptoms. We adhere strictly to the feeding times and portions specified by the cat’s owner or veterinarian.
  2. Stress Reduction:
    • Calm Environment: Stress can exacerbate IBS symptoms, so we create a calm and serene environment for our feline guests. This includes soundproof grooming suites and boarding areas to minimize noise and disturbances.
    • Familiar Items: We encourage owners to bring familiar items such as their cat’s favorite blanket or toy to help reduce anxiety and provide a sense of comfort.
  3. Hydration:
    • Fresh Water: Access to fresh water is crucial for cats with IBS to prevent dehydration. We ensure that water bowls are always clean and filled.
    • Wet Food: Incorporating wet food into their diet can also help maintain hydration levels.
  4. Medication Administration:
    • Timely and Accurate: If your cat requires medication to manage IBS symptoms, our staff is trained to administer medications accurately and on time.
    • Veterinary Coordination: We maintain close communication with your cat’s veterinarian to stay updated on their health status and any changes in their treatment plan.
  5. Monitoring and Care:
    • Regular Monitoring: We closely monitor the health and behavior of cats with IBS, noting any changes in their condition or symptoms. This allows us to adjust care as needed and ensure their well-being.
    • Immediate Attention: Any signs of distress or worsening symptoms are addressed promptly, with immediate contact to the owner and veterinarian if necessary.
  6. Comfort and Hygiene:
    • Clean Environment: Our cat hotels feature hospital-grade flooring and ventilation systems that provide fresh air, central heating, and cooling to ensure a clean and comfortable environment.
    • Air Quality: We use iWave and NuShield Air Ionization Systems in our air conditioning system to clean the air by reducing dust, smoke, odors, and certain viruses and bacteria, ensuring a healthy atmosphere for your cat.

Our Boarding Facilities

At Cats in the City, our facilities are designed to provide the best care for cats with special needs, including those with IBS:

  • Private Apartments: Each cat is provided with a private, spacious room that allows them to relax and feel secure.
  • Ventilated Spaces: Our rooms are ventilated with clean, fresh air to reduce the risk of respiratory issues and ensure a comfortable stay.
  • Hygienic Practices: We adhere to strict hygiene protocols to maintain a clean environment, reducing the risk of infections and ensuring the overall health of our feline guests.

Ensuring a Smooth Boarding Experience

  1. Pre-Boarding Consultation:
    • We discuss your cat’s specific needs, medication schedule, dietary requirements, and any other care instructions to ensure we are fully prepared to provide the best possible care.
  2. Continuous Monitoring:
    • Throughout the boarding period, we monitor your cat’s health and behavior, making adjustments to care as needed and providing regular updates to keep you informed.
  3. Post-Boarding Follow-Up:
    • We coordinate with your vet to ensure continuity of care once your cat returns home, if needed.

Our Commitment

By choosing Cats in the City for boarding your cat with IBS, you can be confident that your feline companion is in capable and caring hands. Our comprehensive approach ensures that their health, comfort, and happiness are prioritized at all times.

For more information or to schedule a boarding session, please contact us. We look forward to providing your feline companions with the care they deserve.

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