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Cat Grooming

Tandem cat grooming is an innovative approach developed by Cats in the City that combines expertise in cat grooming, behavior, and body mechanics. This unique choreography transforms the grooming process into an art form, ensuring the safety and well-being of cats while keeping them looking and feeling their best. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing a superior grooming experience for your feline companion. Trust us to care for your cat with the utmost skill and expertise.

Cat Boarding

Cat boarding at Cats in the City offers a luxurious sanctuary for your feline companion while you're away. We understand the unique needs and nuances of each cat, ensuring they receive individualized care in a serene and comforting environment. Our facilities are designed with cats in mind, from the spacious suites to the enriching play areas. Our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring your cat's well-being, safety, and contentment during their stay. Leave your cherished pet with us for a stay that's both relaxing and enriching.

In-Home Cat Sitting

In-home cat sitting by Cats in the City ensures that your feline friend enjoys the comfort and familiarity of their own environment even when you're away. Recognizing the deep bond and routines cats share with their homes, our professional sitters provide tailored care that prioritizes their well-being and happiness. From feeding and playtime to gentle reassurance, our dedicated team respects your home and cat's unique needs. Trust in Cats in the City to deliver peace of mind for you and a delightful, stress-free experience for your beloved feline. With us, your cat is cherished and cared for, just as they would be with you.

Cat Taxi

Cats in the City's Cat Taxi service is designed for the modern pet owner on the go. Understanding the busy schedules and urban challenges our clients face, we offer a safe, convenient, and compassionate transportation solution for your feline friend. Our specially-equipped vehicles ensure a smooth and stress-free ride, while our trained professionals prioritize your cat's comfort and safety at every turn. Whether it's a trip to the vet, a grooming appointment, or any other destination, trust in Cats in the City's Cat Taxi to get your cherished feline there on time and in perfect serenity. With us at the wheel, your cat's journey is always first class.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Tabby cat on blue fabric -'Cats in the City' pet grooming services.

Cynthia L.

We highly recommend Cats in the City to any cat parent seeking reliable, professional, and caring cat sitting or boarding services. It's reassuring to know that our cats are in such capable and loving hands when we're away. We recently switched from boarding services to their in-home cat sitting service. Mary S. did a terrific job. We received daily updates with adorable pictures.

Bi-color cat with a shaved body resting on a chair

Tina Beavers

It was our first time using a cat hotel for Moxie. We did a lot of research and selected Cats in The City. The house is clean, cheerful with lots of natural light. The staff genuinely cares for their feline lodgers. The interactive program reduced any separation anxiety our cat might have had. We really appreciated the daily meow messages. We would recommend this hotel for any cat owners.

Persian lion christmas tree

Alison Greco

Do you want your cat taken care of by the kindest, sweetest, most thoughtful humans imaginable? Do you want your trips away to be filled with thoughts of how well your cats are taken care of rather than how mad they must be? Cats in the City is all of that and more! Honestly, they take better care of my cat than I do, reducing the stress of travel for me and my fur dude. Cannot recommend them enough!

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