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Cat Grooming

Our Cat Grooming facility is for cats only. From baths to medically necessary grooming, our team is the first of its kind and most advanced team of Tandem Cat GroomersTM on earth. 


Cat Boarding

Our cat hotels look and feel like beautiful homes, and our boarding suites are personalized rooms with no cages.  It’s a home away from home for your cat. We also offer round trip chauffeur services.


Cat Sitting

In-your-home care is exactly what some cats need.  Let us bring our expertise and high standards to  your door.  While caring for your cat, we keep your home safe and functioning well, too.  


Cat Travel Agent

We provide full-service, door-to-door pet travel service.  While you focus on moving yourself, we coordinate every aspect of your cat’s move: health exams, air travel and ground transport.


We measure our love of cats by how much we are loved by them.


Cats in the City provides the highest level of expert care exclusively for feline family members. Our care includes a wide variety of services with meticulous attention to hygiene, all provided in ideal accommodations. We operate with the knowledge that every cat and every breed have unique care requirements, and each family has special circumstances.


Everything we do is dedicated to one thing;

Better care for cats

Cats know when you care.

The most important thing to do when you get home is to tell your cat that they look beautiful.

There’s no greater compliment than a cat’s affection.

With cats, a relationship is a two-way street.

Our Tandem Cat Grooming technique is a reflection of how much we care about cats.

We know cats.

Our approach demands that we combine a loving, nurturing environment with a medical emphasis. Our Cat Boarding, Cat Sitting, and Tandem Cat Grooming TM services were developed from a deep respect for the cats in our care.

“Absolutely the best cat boarding and grooming facility in Portland, bar none. My two Maine Coons are always groomed beautifully and on the two occasions that we’ve boarded them with Cats in the City (once for three weeks) they haven’t wanted to leave. These guys are the greatest. Excellent service and prices and it’s obvious that they really care about their work and the cats they care for.”
Charlie H.

Spot Magazine Cat Boarding Award
Angie's List Super Service Award for Cat Boarding

Absolutely the best cat boarding and grooming facility in Portland. Bar none. My two Maine Coons are always groomed beautifully and on the two occasions that we've boarded them with Cat in the City (once for three weeks) they haven't wanted to leave. These guys are the greatest. Excellent service and prices and it's obvious that they really care about their work and the cats they care for.

Charlie H.

Cats in the City is a very unique and special place! Their space looks like a home with rooms setup for cats, a real cat hotel. Really, the space is GORGEOUS - I mean, my cat's boarding room had two beds and a fireplace. The outdoor catio was a nice bonus, too.

Aster Randall

These guys are magicians. Brought in my very old cat for grooming. She can't clean past her shoulders anymore due to a back injury - and I've never had a cat groomed before. I figured they would need to shave everything. Instead, they got each dread lock out individually and the cat looks 5 years younger (and smells a heck of a lot better).

Patrick S.

Dan came to my house and checked on my cats while I was away. He did a fantastic job, even sent me pictures on each visit. I am certainly going to call again when we are out of town. Thanks for taking such good care of my cats!

Angela P.

Cats in the City are the absolute best! Not only did they take amazing care of our 2 cats (at our house!!), they helped us out with less than a day's notice when we found out one of our cats was very sick and need daily attention and meds administered. They posted photos and kept us in the loop on how the cats were doing. I highly recommend their expertise to anyone that needs care for their cats!!

Gwen V.

We took our long-haired cat, Joy, to Cats in the City for a dematting/deshedding, nail trim, and bath. Shawn did a fantastic job - we couldn't be happier with the results. Joy looks beautiful with her fur all calm, soft, smooth and clean. Joy seems much happier, cooler and content since the grooming. I highly recommend Shawn and Cats in the City. I know that we will return for future grooming sessions.

Meri L.

Our long haired kitty Alma is getting older and can't quite get her cleaning duties done as well as she is used to. She has started to developed mats and gets a little agitated sometimes when touched. We took her in to see Shawn and he examined and recommended a short teddy bear cut. We were so excited to see the results. Alma looks amazing and she seems much more comfortable.

John F.

I’ve been using Cats in the City since December 2010 and can’t think of taking my girls anywhere else. Shawn is professional, friendly, and very concerned about my cats whenever they stay at Cats in the City.

Murianna T.

After several years of mediocre to poor kennel experiences, we were shopping around for a new place and stumbled across Cats in the City. The folks at Cats in the City listened to all our needs, asked a few questions and were able to provide everything we needed. We also like that the place *feels* like a home instead of a sterile kennel. Our cat always comes home healthy and well adjusted.

A. B.

Many thanks to Shawn for squeezing in an emergency grooming for my Dude, who came home covered in motor oil! The Dude came out with no trace of greasy, smelly oil, and looking mighty fine! Highly recommended!

Mich N.

Cats in the City watched my two cats over Christmas break. They came to my house every day to feed the cats and do the litter. I came back home to find the cats calm and happy. I also recently did a walk through at their boarding facility, and was super impressed!

Kateri S.

Cats in the City is amazing for boarding. Our cat Venus enjoys coming to her home away from home. Our cat returns home relaxed, and really enjoys her big room. Thanks so much.

Teresa M.

We had them pet-sit our two cats for what ended up being a two-and-a-half week long cross-country road trip to Georgia and back, and they were superb. From the moment we first met Dan, I could tell he was a cat person; even the shyer of our two cats took to him at once, a rarity. He was great at communicating with us and very flexible when we had various schedule changes. Dan was phenomenal and I could not recommend Cats in the City highly enough.

Abagail V.

Rachel was awesome with my two cats. We have taken them to other groomers, but have had horrible experiences. We will never go anywhere else. She is super nice, very knowledgeable about cats and great with them.

Kristi F.

My cat is old and cranky, and she was a mess with matted hair when I took her in last week. I was worried that when I came back I would find Rachel with a missing arm. Not the case. Rachel works wonders and is amazing. I couldn't have been happier.

Ray K.

A+ grooming. I took my Himalayan to Cats in the City for a summer lion cut. The grooming prices are very reasonable, especially since they throw in some extras. I won’t be getting my cat groomed anywhere else.

Karin Freestad

My 5 year old cat (Siberian) had some pretty bad matting throughout her fur. A co-worker told me about Cats in the City. I checked out their website and was instantly sold. I brought my cat in to get the Lion Cut shave. Within 3 hours, my cat was ready and she looked great! It was a little funny to see such a furry cat have a lion cut, but it is actually really cute and she feels and looks so much better!

Brad Ryan

I have two cats that have been boarded at Cats in the City several times. One of my kitties has kidney disease and is on medication and requires subcutaneous fluid on a daily basis. Shawn has been fantastic with her and I truly believe that she has made such good improvement due to his care. My vet has even been by to do check ups and Shawn has facilitated appointments and worked with them to provide care.

Meg D

My two cats spent three weeks at Cats in the City. Before taking the cats to Sean I checked several places around the area and what was available was small cages with little area to move around. I chose the big room and Miss Piggy had a window to watch the world. Usually when the cats come home from boarding the 19 year old will wander around the house and cry. This time she came home and settled back into her routine. Great place, will take my cats there again.

Mary Clift

We have three Persians and Cats in the City is the only place I would take them for grooming! Shawn is professional, and delivers. Even though we brush and brush, I'm always amazed at the basket of hair (often the size of my cat) that they get out. Best, my kitties always come home happy as if nothing happened smile emoticon. And yay for their second Tabor location that is much closer to home.

Rae Mullin

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