Cat Taxi

We’ll Get Your Cat There Safely And On Time

About Our Cat Taxi Service

Who it’s for: All family cats that have places to go.

How it works: You make a reservation for your pet to go wherever they are needed. Cats in the City’s Pet Taxi can makes it easy for your faithful friend to get to vet exams, visit relatives, or even travel to and from the airport. We transport pets comfortably and safely in carriers. No carrier? No problem. You can rent one from us. We also deliver food and run other pet-related errands.

Hours: Depend on your needs


Our Prices

Fees are based on a 3 mile radius from our Facility.  Each additional mile is $3.99.

  • Minimum Price for Pet Taxi to or from Sellwood or Tabor facility: $50
  • Billing Example: Base Fee $50 + 35 miles x $3.99 ($139.65) = total cost of $189.65
  • Pet Taxi One Way: $99
  • Billing Example: Base Fee $99 + 35 miles x $3.99 ($139.65) + Idle time $10 = total cost of $248.65
  • Pet taxi Round Trip: $149 ($1.00 per minute waiting)
  • Billing Example: Base Fee $149 + 35 miles x $3.99 ($139.65) + Idle time $10 = total cost of $308.65
  • Airport Shuttle: $299 ($1.00 per minute waiting + cost of parking)
  • Billing Example: Base Fee $299 + 5 miles x $3.99 ($19.95) + Idle time $10 = total cost of $328.95

Additional Fees

  • Each Additional Mile: $3.99
  • Each Additional Pet Traveling: $10
  • Idle/Waiting Fee: $0.99 cents per minute
  • Sunday / After-Hours Fee: $75
  • Pet Crating / Leash Service: $15 per pet
  • Parking Downtown Portland: $4


The base fee is for curbside service. Please have pet potty prior to meeting the driver at the car. We can crate and leash pets for you for an additional fee.

Humans are allowed to accompany pets but we most commonly travel without the human as we act as the pet chaperone.

Same-day requests are served on a standby basis. We refund all fees if we are unable to meet your service request.


Caring for Cats in the Portland Metro Area

We measure our love of cats by how much we are loved by them.

Have questions or need to arrange care for your feline friend? We’re here to help! Reach out to us for any inquiries or to schedule our services.

For more immediate assistance, feel free to call us. We look forward to hearing from you and providing the best care for your cat!


Phone: 503-214-2003

NE Tabor