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Introducing the Cat Whisperer: Shawn Lioyryan, MSW

Co-Founder, Feline Behavior Guru, Master Cat Groomer. Shawn's journey began with a graduate degree in social work, supporting patients facing life's final chapters. A trailblazer in the realm of animal-assisted therapy, Shawn's heart was captured by the magic of feline companionship. Enter the world of Cats in the City, co-founded by Shawn, where over 48,000 cats have received the royal grooming treatment. With a whopping 18 years of professional cat-sitting under their belt in the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon, Shawn is not just a cat whisperer but a homeowner and property maestro. When you entrust your feline friends to Shawn, you're not just getting a groomer or sitter – you're welcoming a feline behavior virtuoso who knows how to keep the harmony in your home, ensuring everything purrs perfectly while you embark on your adventures.

Meet the Cat Maestro: Daniel, PhD

Co-Founder, Animal Behavior Whiz, Grooming Guru, Cat Boarding Extraordinaire, and the Head Honcho of Cat Sitting Hold onto your whiskers because Daniel, the brainiac behind Cats in the City, is not your average cat enthusiast – they're the maestro of all things feline! Armed with a neuroscience doctorate from OHSU and a laser focus on decoding animal behavior, Daniel has turned cat care into a symphony of purrs and tail wiggles. For over a decade, they've been the guardian of kitty happiness, orchestrating the purrfect balance between boarding stays and grooming sessions in the whimsical city of Portland, Oregon. But wait, there's more! Daniel isn't just a cat whisperer; they're a property wizard, ensuring your home runs like a well-oiled purring machine while you embark on adventures. And did we mention the green thumbs? Yes, Daniel's not just a maestro in decoding cat behavior; they're also an expert gardener and aquarium virtuoso. So, when you leave your beloved kiddos in Daniel's capable hands, you're not just getting a sitter, groomer, or boarding expert – you're inviting the maestro of feline bliss into your cat's world. Get ready for a magical journey where every purr is a note in the melody of contentment, all thanks to Daniel!



Raised in a bustling family with 8 siblings, Naomi's nurturing nature extends beyond her bustling home to the feline residents at Cats in the City. When not charming cats, she and her wife devote themselves to their daughter and three fabulous feline companions. With a professional background in veterinary clinics, Naomi brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to ensure the cats at Cats in the City receive nothing short of purrfection in care. Naomi's practical expertise guarantees the highest quality cat care, making her the feline champion we all adore!

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Our feline aficionado, Sam, not only managed a bustling doggy daycare but also mastered the art of caring for her own feline royalty, Heronomous (Ron). Yes, you read that right – Ron, the cat with a name as majestic as his owner's love for him. Sam recently expanded her family when she adopted a miniature Maine Coon named Todd. But Sam's adventure didn't stop there! To deepen her understanding of the intricate world of cat care, she embarked on a 2000-hour apprenticeship with the dynamic duo, Shawn and Dan, at Cats in the City. That's more hours than most cats nap in a lifetime! This hands-on experience allowed Sam to pamper and serve over 3000 cats, solidifying her status as a feline care virtuoso. Every day, Sam brings her A-game to the job, making sure that each whisker, tail, and paw gets the royal treatment. Her dedication to providing exceptional care is as unwavering as her love for ginger kitties. Sam is not just a cat caregiver; she's a feline fairy godparent, turning every cat's day into a magical adventure!


Liz's journey at Cats in the City kicked off in the boarding program, but little did she know, she was about to become the cat whisperer extraordinaire! With a dedication to rival a cat's focus on a laser pointer, Liz swiftly ascended to a leadership position, turning her passion for felines into a full-blown career. Whether she's orchestrating the purr-fect cat care routine or efficiently managing a bustling feline kingdom, Liz is the unsung hero of Cats in the City. With her at the helm, every cat gets the royal treatment, and every client knows their cat is in the hands of a true feline virtuoso!

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Armed with an AAS in Collision Refinishing and a soft spot for four-legged buddies, Chris has danced through life surrounded by pets. Shaping signs and wrapping vehicles, their career canvas has been nothing short of a vibrant masterpiece. One day, Chris stumbled into the enchanting realms of cat boarding and grooming, discovering what felt like their true calling! CITC injected a burst of joy into their daily routine, and now, Chris confidently juggles a myriad of roles. From orchestrating whimsical boardings to crafting purrfection in grooming sessions, Chris is here to sprinkle magic into every cat's day!



Phil is head over paws in love with his feline companion, Nala! Phil is no stranger to the call of the wild. Whether it's scaling mountains, hiking hidden trails, or simply basking in the beauty of nature, Phil and the great outdoors are a match made in adventure heaven. Phil's love for Nala knows no bounds. He's not just a cat owner; he's a compassionate handler, ensuring that every whisker twitch and tail flick is met with the care and accountability that Nala deserves. So, if you're seeking a cat whisperer who can effortlessly switch from outdoor adventurer to gardening virtuoso, look no further than Phil! Your cats will thank you for inviting this multi-talented dynamo into their world.



Jeff's heart is as big as his love for the spooky, especially when it comes to our feline friends. His commitment to cats goes far beyond the pages of his writing. Picture this – Jeff has pajamas featuring the charming face of Sammy, a cat who's not just a visitor but a regular VIP at Cats in the City (CITC), where Jeff leads the Sellwood facility. When he's not weaving tales of terror, Jeff is immersed in the world of whiskers and purrs. CITC is not just a workplace for Jeff; it's a haven where cats like Sammy feel right at home. Jeff's work is a delightful blend of his passion for both cats and horror, creating a magical concoction that's equal parts spooky and purr-fectly heartwarming!



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Our Story

Cats in the City and its founders Shawn and Daniel Lioyryan combine their love of animals and their experience in social work and neuroscience, to provide the highest level of expert care and maintenance for feline family members. Founded in Portland Oregon, Cats in the City provides ideal accommodations, complete hygiene, and a wide variety of services. They operate with the knowledge that every cat and every breed has unique care requirements, and each family has special circumstances. The business and staff are dedicated to providing the highest level of care.


Building on this foundation, Cats in the City extends its commitment to excellence through continuous learning and adaptation to the latest in feline care and comfort. Our staff, carefully selected for their expertise and empathy, undergo regular training to stay ahead in the field of cat care. This holistic approach ensures that your cat enjoys a nurturing environment, tailored to their individual needs, while you enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your beloved pet is in the best hands.
Shawn and Dr. Dan

What Our Clients Say About Us

Tabby cat on blue fabric -'Cats in the City' pet grooming services.

Cynthia L.

We highly recommend Cats in the City to any cat parent seeking reliable, professional, and caring cat sitting or boarding services. It's reassuring to know that our cats are in such capable and loving hands when we're away. We recently switched from boarding services to their in-home cat sitting service. Mary S. did a terrific job. We received daily updates with adorable pictures.

Bi-color cat with a shaved body resting on a chair

Tina Beavers

It was our first time using a cat hotel for Moxie. We did a lot of research and selected Cats in The City. The house is clean, cheerful with lots of natural light. The staff genuinely cares for their feline lodgers. The interactive program reduced any separation anxiety our cat might have had. We really appreciated the daily meow messages. We would recommend this hotel for any cat owners.

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Alison Greco

Do you want your cat taken care of by the kindest, sweetest, most thoughtful humans imaginable? Do you want your trips away to be filled with thoughts of how well your cats are taken care of rather than how mad they must be? Cats in the City is all of that and more! Honestly, they take better care of my cat than I do, reducing the stress of travel for me and my fur dude. Cannot recommend them enough!

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