Why is the Cancellation Policy So Firm?

 Why Cats in the City Stands Out: A Commitment to Space and Quality


At Cats in the City, we prioritize the well-being and happiness of your feline friends by providing spacious, enriched environments rather than packing, stacking, or warehousing cats. Let’s explore why our approach is different and why it matters for your cat’s health and happiness.


 Spacious and Comfortable Boarding


The next four competing boarding facilities within close proximity to us average around 1,000 square feet each, with approximately 30 boarding spaces. In contrast, Cats in the City facilities with catios average 4,000 square feet, also with about 30 boarding bedrooms. This means that to match the density of our competitors, we would need to increase our occupancy density fourfold. 


If we packed 120 boarding spaces into each of our buildings, which is what it would take to match the density of the average competing facilities in Portland, we could also have a far more generous cancellation policy. However, we choose not to pack or stack cats.


 Why Our Space Matters


  1. Happier Cats: More space means less stress for cats. They have room to explore, play, and relax, reducing anxiety and promoting a positive boarding experience.


  1. Better Air Quality: Spacious environments allow for better ventilation and air quality. Our facilities provide the best air quality in the city, ensuring a healthier environment for your cat.


  1. Enriched Activities: We devote more than half of our usable space to common areas and activities designed to keep cats engaged and stimulated. This includes climbing structures, interactive toys, and cozy nooks for napping.


  1. Higher Human-to-Cat Ratio: Our open areas allow for a higher human-to-cat ratio, ensuring that each cat receives the individual attention and interaction they need. This helps in maintaining their social and emotional well-being.


  1. Reliably Great Outcomes: Our commitment to space and quality translates into reliably great outcomes for the cats in our care. We focus on creating an environment where cats can thrive, which gives our clients peace of mind.


Cancellation Policies and Density


Facilities that are more densely packed with cats can afford to have a more generous cancellation policy because overpopulation is built into their model. This often leads to a less personalized experience for each cat, as the facility relies on high turnover and volume.


At Cats in the City, we focus on quality over quantity. Our boarding model allows us to provide individualized care and attention to each cat, which is why we maintain a balanced cancellation policy that reflects our commitment to providing the best possible care.


Community Expectations


Our community has come to expect reliably great outcomes with cats, and we deliver on that promise by prioritizing space, quality, and enrichment. We believe that every cat deserves a spacious, engaging, and healthy environment, and we are dedicated to maintaining those standards.


Our approach to cat boarding is built on the belief that more space and better quality lead to happier, healthier cats. By choosing Cats in the City, you are choosing a facility that values the well-being of your cat above all else. Thank you for trusting us with your feline family members.

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