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Why is the Cancellation Policy So Firm?

Cats in the City doesn’t stack, pack, or warehouse cats. The next four competing boarding facilities within proximity to us average in size around 1000 square feet with each having approximately 30 boarding spaces.  Cats in the City facilities with catios average 4000 square feet with about 30 boarding bedrooms.  To put it another way, we would need to increase our occupancy density fourfold to match the density of competing facilities.  Facilities that are more densely packed with cats can have a far more generous cancellation policy as overpopulation is built into their model.  If we packed 120 boarding spaces into each of our buildings, which is what it would take to match the density of the average competing facilities in Portland, we could also have a far more generous cancellation policy. We pride ourselves on being able to devote more than half our usable space to common areas and enriched activities. Doing so makes for happier cats, gives our buildings the best air quality in the city, provides the required open area for a higher human to cat ratio so the cats get the human interaction they need, and gives the community what we’ve all come to expect: Reliably great outcomes with cats. 

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