Understanding Our Approach at Cats in the City: The Benefits of Tandem™ Cat Grooming

Understanding Our Approach at Cats in the City: The Benefits of Tandem™ Cat Grooming

The Challenges of Solo Cat Grooming

Many cat owners might not realize the complexities and challenges faced by solo groomers. At Cats in the City, we understand these challenges deeply and have developed a revolutionary approach to ensure the best care for your feline friends.

The Birth of Tandem™ Cat Grooming

When Shawn began his career as a solo groomer, it quickly became clear that solo grooming posed significant challenges. Tasks that should have been straightforward became ethical dilemmas, mirroring the profit-over-welfare issues prevalent in the pet industry. This realization spurred a commitment to change how grooming is approached.

The Tandem™ Cat Grooming Solution

To address these challenges, Shawn partnered with Dr. Dan to pioneer Tandem™ Cat Grooming at Cats in the City, transforming grooming into an art form. This innovative method involves a collaborative effort between two or more groomers, using coordinated handling and grooming techniques. Our primary goal is to prioritize the safety, comfort, and respect of your cats.

Why Tandem™ Cat Grooming?

Enhanced Safety:

  • Gentle Handling: With Tandem™, we are trained to handle your cat more gently and effectively, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Effective Support: One groomer focuses on supporting the cat, while the other performs the grooming, ensuring better overall management and reducing sudden movements that could cause accidents.

Improved Comfort:

  • Natural Positions: Keeping your cat in natural positions minimizes stress and discomfort, especially for cats with health issues like hip dysplasia, arthritis, or obesity.
  • Supportive Hold: Providing a supportive hold that mimics natural carrying positions helps keep the cat calm.


Thorough Grooming:

  • Focused Tasks: Dividing tasks between handlers and groomers ensures each aspect of grooming receives full attention.
  • Detail-Oriented: This approach allows us to address specific grooming needs comprehensively, from detangling and trimming to cleaning.

The Solo Grooming Experience Has Challenges

Multitasking Stress:

Solo groomers often juggle multiple tasks—controlling the cat, performing grooming tasks, answering the phone, and interacting with clients simultaneously. This multitasking can lead to increased stress and reduced efficiency, risking both the groomer’s and the cat’s well-being.

Risk of Injury:

Handling a cat alone often requires the groomer to adopt unnatural body positions, increasing the risk of injury for both the cat and the groomer. Solo grooming can lead to physical strain and inadequate support, making it more likely for the cat to injure itself.

Limited Access:

Solo grooming makes it difficult to access and groom sensitive areas such as the hind legs, armpits, and tail. These areas require careful handling and precision, which can be compromised when working alone.

Why Choose Tandem™?

At Cats in the City, Tandem™ is our testament to ethical practices, respect for our furry family members, and dedication to providing unmatched grooming experiences. By fostering a collaborative and compassionate environment, we set a new standard in cat grooming worldwide.

The journey from recognizing the industry’s shortcomings to developing Tandem™ has been transformative. We invite you to experience this revolutionary approach, ensuring your cats receive the care and attention they deserve.

Experience the Tandem™ Difference

By choosing Cats in the City, you are opting for a grooming method that prioritizes the well-being of your cat. Our Tandem™ approach not only enhances safety and comfort but also ensures a thorough and positive grooming experience. Join us in setting a new standard in cat care.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a grooming session, please contact us. We look forward to providing your feline companions with the care they deserve.

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