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Cats in the City’s Tandem Cat Grooming Teams Have Combined at 5528 SE Powell Blvd. Portland, OR 97206

The Sellwood and Tabor Tandem Cat Grooming teams have joined forces and we’re now providing cat grooming services in one building on Powell Blvd.

As you know, we are on a perpetual quest to continue to perfect and improve. We have now created an entire facility devoted to Tandem Cat Grooming™.

Our new dedicated cat grooming facility is located at 5528 SE Powell Blvd. We are very proud of it and we look forward to treating your cat to the best grooming experience.

Tandem Cat Grooming

Dr. Daniel Lioyryan earned his Ph.D. in neuroscience from OHSU with a focus on animal behavior. Under his leadership, Daniel and his team have groomed more than 40,000 cats.  Daniel is a co-creator of CITC’s Tandem Cat Grooming™ program and he is instrumental in defining the profession of Tandem Cat Groomin.

Dr. Daniel

Shawn started his career in social work serving those facing end-of-life. After learning to train animals to assist in therapy for patients in hospice, Shawn founded Cats in the City to focus solely on helping cats. Shawn led the team in designing and implementing every program CITC offers.

Shawn Lioyryan

Cats in the City’s boarding facilities are a full-service accommodation for your cat. Our top priority is the health and wellbeing of the cats in our care. All our private boarding options are large and provide a relaxing, safe, and enjoyable experience for your cat.

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Our Sellwood and NE Tabor boarding locations are just as complete, and even better than ever because they are now dedicated to cat boarding and vacations.

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