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Shawn Lioyryan
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Peter Oberdorf
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Portland, Ore. – Sept. 16, 2023— Cats in the City, Portland’s cat-only boarding and grooming facility, is working with the City of Portland to convert the areas on either side of its new Powell Boulevard office from parking lots to what the city calls a Destination Zone. The Destination Zone will be sanitized from biohazards and used for food cart pods, mitigating camping and other unauthorized use of the property.

As a result, people visiting Cats in the City’s 5528 SE Powell Blvd. location will have a cleaner, safer, more comfortable experience.

“We have been working tirelessly with the city to resolve the camping and outdoor drug use overtaking the East and West frontage lots,” said Cats in the City co-founder Daniel Lioyryan.

“Our persistence eventually got us connected to, and working with, the director of the Public Environment Management Office, who works directly with Mayor Ted Wheeler.”

This neighborhood improvement process, directly ordered by the mayor’s office, will make Cats in the City something akin to a tenant in the Destination Zone.

As such, Cats in the City will have the authority to have police immediately evict campers and drug users for trespassing and will have the power to tow illegally parked vehicles from the lots.

The city will begin developing the infrastructure needed to host the food cart pods beginning in late October[HD1] . Cats in the City clients will have the convenience of parking in the lots closest to the building.

“Based on what the city already did in just one week — such as clearing the RVs, personally meeting with us at our Powell office for a safety assessment, and delivering concrete barriers — we trust they are taking swift action to manifest this incredible neighborhood improvement project,” said co-founder Shawn Lioyryan. “We’re very proud to have gotten a seat at the table to instigate needed change that will hopefully bring renewed energy and vitality to our stretch of Powell.”

Added Daniel Lioyryan: “Cat parents can feel comfortable knowing they won’t have to fight for parking or deal with a mess on their way in to the salon. And we hope they’ll grab a bite at the food trucks while they’re here.”

The Powell Boulevard Cats in the City location is dedicated to better care for cats and features Portland’s only Tandem Cat Grooming™ service. Tandem Cat Grooming involves a team of professional groomers, versus solo grooming, which entails only one groomer to one cat.

Cats in the City is accepting appointments now. Visit catsinthecity.com.


About Cats in the City

Cats in the City combines founders Shawn and Daniel Lioyryan’s love of cats with their experience in social work and neuroscience to provide the highest level of expert care and maintenance for feline family members. With three locations in Portland, Oregon, Cats in the City provides ideal accommodations, complete hygiene, and a wide variety of services. The company operates with the knowledge that every cat has unique care requirements, and each family has special circumstances.

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Caption: A bright and welcoming lobby at Cats in the City’s new Powell Boulevard Tandem Cat Grooming™ salon.
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