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Cat boarding in spacious, personalized rooms

Cat boarding done right

At Cats in the City our top priority is the health of the cats in our care. We track and record all food and water consumed, and all liquid and solid waste eliminated.  We measure hydration levels, monitor weight when needed, and we test blood sugar levels when appropriate.  In real time this data allows us to respond, adapt, and meet the complex physical and emotional needs of cats boarding with us.

When your cat boards at Cats in the City they are provided a personalized room, or “apartment,” as some customers have referred to our rooms.  All our private boarding options are large and provide a relaxing, safe, and enjoyable experience for your cat.  Cats receive ample time to explore the common areas, playrooms, and catio, when available.

We keep careful watch over our furry guests. Cats enjoy frequent contact with skilled care providers, petting, playtime, and treats that you bring or that we provide. We follow your instructions regarding feeding, medications, and other care needs.

We’re also skilled at taking care of pets with special needs, including older animals with low mobility. We commonly administer insulin, oral medications, injections, and Sub-Q fluids.

Ample space

All our rooms are big. The real question is: Do you want big, bigger or biggest? Each facility averages 4,000 square feet with about 30 rooms.

Plenty of playtime

We’re not a cat warehouse. Cats are given the opportunity to be in the playrooms, community rooms, and catios, as well as lots of personalized loving care and attention.

Impressive facilities

Our cat hotels are clean and comfortable. Every room has hospital-grade flooring and is ventilated with clean fresh air, central heating, and cooling.

Attentive staff

Our Human-to-Cat Ratio is one great team member for every 7-10 rooms. We’re also qualified to care for cats with medical needs, and we have animal technicians and a behaviorist on staff.


2036 SE Tacoma St., Portland, OR, 97202

Garden-View Master with Private Catio

$90 daily

Jungle Gym Room

$70 Daily

Private Grand Master Bedroom

$80 Daily

Private Master Bedroom

$70 Daily

Studio Bedroom

$50 Daily


415 NE 80th Ave., Portland, OR 97213

Aquarium Room with Private Catio

$90 daily

Mountaineer Room

$70 Daily

Bay Window Master

$80 Daily

Private Grand Master Bedroom

$80 Daily

Private Master Bedroom

$70 Daily

Studio Bedroom

$50 Daily




Complete our Request Boarding Now form. Access your online profile and provide cat care instructions using our online client portal. Or, complete the Boarding Check-In Form.


Please bring in proof of flea treatment, or upload proof into your pet's profile, or we will apply flea treatment at checkin. Discount brand flea treatment and flea collars are not accepted. You can load proof of flea treatment in your online profile during the reservation request process. Please remove all collars prior to boarding. Collars are dangerous in boarding environments.


Please bring in what your cat(s) are used to eating, and we will feed them their usual food. Use the client portal to provide feeding and medication instructions.


Provide credit card information ahead of your cat's stay. Any cancellation incurs a cancellation fee equal to the cost of two days of boarding at the room rate reserved.


After Hours Check-In/Check-Out Fee


Holiday Fee/Peak Day


Nail Trim


Grooming Office Visit | Bath, Dry, Brush & Nail Trim

starting at $109

The final cost of grooming is determined at the end of the grooming office visit and is based on the condition of the coat and actual services performed. We cap the cost of most grooms at $229.

House Food | Dry Kibble


Tuna/Meat Puree


Shuttle In/Out


Base fee covers the first 3 miles; $3.99 each additional mile.

Long-Term Cat Boarding

10% Discount

Discount applied to full sets of 30 days.

Monthly Dose of Flea Treatment


Oral Medication


Unlimited oral medicines

Eye Drops


Unlimited drops

Topical Cream


Unlimited locations

Insulin Injections


Includes daily glucose monitoring

Sub-Q fluids


On-Site Medical Visit

$49 + cost of medical care

Off-site Medical Chaperone

$1/minute + cost of medical care & transport

Adventures on the Catio


Explore and Play in the Common Areas and Playrooms


Socialize with Other Cats


Extra Petting and Play Time

$10 Daily

Petting, play, and human interaction is always included. Some cats want more.

Catnip Party, Catnip Included ($10 daily)

$10 Daily

Tuck-in Service

$10 Daily

My cat requires someone to sit with them while eating meals

$10 Daily

Communications Package

$10 Daily

Included in our service at no charge is our client portal, where we provide almost daily wellness updates. On-demand or daily requests for updates and pictures outside our client portal such as by text or email are arranged by opting for the Communications Package for $10 daily.
  • Weekdays: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 3:00 PM to 4:45 PM, by appointment
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM by appointment (Saturdays incur daily fee no matter when checkout is scheduled)
  • Tabor Sunday: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM by appointment
  • Sellwood Sunday: Closed to the Public (Checking out from Sellwood on Sunday incurs an After-Hours fee)
  • The daily rate is assessed for every day a reservation touches

Cancellations for boarding reservations incur a cancellation fee equal to the cost of two days of boarding at the room rate reserved, and there are no credits or refunds for unused days if you return early. Minimum fee for boarding is equal to the cost of three days at the room rate reserved.


  • Your cat will get playtime and attention from our cat-loving team.
  • Animal technician and animal behaviorist on staff.
  • We ensure a flea-free environment.
  • Our home-style facilities are super clean and are climate-controlled (central air conditioning in the summer / heating in the winter).
  • We will watch your kitty for any signs of potential health problems, and will respond appropriately if a situation presents.
  • HEPA filtration and UV Light Air Exchange Systems to ensure air quality.
  • Veterinarian on-call 365 days-a-year

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