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Newsletter – September

Cats Need Regular Bathing

and Grooming

Regular grooming helps manage common fur problems that can be highly troublesome for cats and cat owners alike, including matting and knotting, excess shed, messy behinds, dandruff, allergies, and hairballs. All these issues can usually be traced back to excess oil in the undercoat and are addressed and remedied by regular grooming and bathing. Even though many cats are fastidious and do self-groom, cats should not be asked to consume what’s on their coat by relying solely on self-grooming. Cats use their tongue to self-groom and therefore consume what they clean. Grooming and bathing helps cats by preventing them from consuming excess fur and contaminants.

Shawn and Sam
Tandem Cat Grooming

Purina Institute Helps With Cat Allergies

Most people allergic to a cat are allergic to the dander created by a cat’s saliva.  Purina identified an egg product ingredient can bind to the specific allergen in the cat’s saliva, greatly reducing the likelihood of allergy symptoms.  Purina has created several formulas including kitten and adult cat formulations.

Zuzu is a very special cat and we’re honored to be able to share his success story.  We cared for Zuzu several times so we weren’t surprised when his mom called to reserve our boarding services, but I could tell from the tone in her voice that something was different this time.  Mom sounded stressed.

Mom explained that she left Zuzu with a family she found on Craigslist who does boarding from their home, and she feared she had made a terrible mistake.  Mom said the boarding house stopped returning her messages and she hadn’t heard from them for more than a week.  Mom wasn’t sure what condition Zuzu was in.  She was worried something happened to Zuzu and that the boarding house was avoiding her instead of telling her what was wrong.  This was all speculation because mom just didn’t know without details from the boarding house.  Click Here to Continue

Dear Abby?  No way!  Introducing Dear Tabby.  This group is for sharing your cat related issues. Dear Tabby is here to help. You can post a cat related question or issue you or anyone you know is having with their cat, even if it’s tangentially related to cats. If somewhere within the situation a cat is involved, then you’re in the right place. Share your situation and Dear Tabby will give you their truth with wit, humor, and candor.  

Submit your cat related issue or question by clicking here and posting your story to Dear Tabby.

Shawn started his career in social work serving those facing end-of-life. After learning to train animals to assist in therapy for patients in hospice, Shawn founded Cats in the City to focus solely on helping cats. Shawn led the team in designing and implementing every program CITC offers.

On Saturday, October 7th & 8th, from 10am to 4pm, join loving cats from all over the world for a cat extravaganza at the Portland Expo Center. International judges will stage, reward, and present these stunning felines. Space is limited so book your ticket now!

Cats in the City’s boarding facilities are a full-service accommodation for your cat. Our top priority is the health and wellbeing of the cats in our care. All our private boarding options are large and provide a relaxing, safe, and enjoyable experience for your cat.

Click the Crossword to PRINT and complete it.  The Answer Key will Be included in the next issue. Purr for Puzzles!

Request Tandem Cat Grooming

Request Tandem Cat Grooming

Request Tandem Cat Grooming

Our Sellwood and NE Tabor boarding locations are just as complete, and even better than ever because they are now dedicated to cat boarding and vacations.

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