Why Solo Cat Grooming is Out and Tandem Grooming is In

The Future of Cat Grooming: Introducing Tandem Cat Grooming™

For years, solo grooming has been the norm in the world of cat grooming. But times are changing, thanks to the groundbreaking approach known as Tandem Cat Grooming™. Developed by Dan Lioyryan, a neurologist, and Shawn Lioyryan, a Master of Medical Social Work, Tandem Cat Grooming™ is revolutionizing feline care at Cats in the City in Portland, Oregon.

The Shift in Grooming Practices

Gone are the days when solo grooming was the go-to method. With a deeper understanding of feline physiology and behavior, groomers now recognize the limitations and risks of solo grooming. It’s a demanding task that often results in more stress for both the cat and the groomer.

Challenges of Solo Grooming

Solo grooming poses numerous challenges, from handling cats in uncomfortable positions to reaching tricky areas without assistance. This method can be stressful and even unsafe for the cat, as well as exhausting for the groomer. It’s clear that solo grooming falls short in providing optimal care for our feline companions.

Enter Tandem Cat Grooming™

Tandem Cat Grooming™ emerged from the need for safer, more efficient grooming practices. This innovative method allows one groomer to focus on positioning the cat while another tends to the grooming tasks, resulting in a smoother and safer experience for everyone involved. With multiple groomers working together, each cat receives personalized attention tailored to their unique needs.

Benefits of Tandem Cat Grooming™

One of the key advantages of Tandem Cat Grooming™ is its ability to accommodate cats of all personalities and physical conditions. Whether agile or with mobility issues, every cat can receive the care and attention they deserve without compromising their safety or well-being.

Join the Movement

By embracing Tandem Cat Grooming™, groomers and pet owners can raise the standard of care for cats everywhere. Say goodbye to the stress and discomfort of solo grooming procedures and welcome a new era of Better Care for Cats. Join us in this movement towards safer, more compassionate grooming practices.

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