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    Food Motivator ($3 each)TunaBeef Baby FoodWet foodHydration through Sub-Cutaneous Fluids ($15 each)Manual Feeding ($25 each)Additional Cat Sitting Visits at My Current Rate

    Food restriction (anorexia) can be life threatening. If anorexia persists, go to the vet after *


    My cat is on medicationThe instructions on the medication are accurate. Please follow the instructions on the medication containerThe instructions on the bottle are not accurate

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    Cats on insulin who food restrict must have blood glucose monitoring at $8.50 per measurement

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    Commonly Asked Question: Why can't I pick up my key when I return from my travels?
    Answer: Too few people keep their appointments resulting in lost time and effort on our part, increasing the cost of providing service. The key management options are designed to be efficient and organized while keeping cat sitting service rates affordable.

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    Nail Trim Service: Please trim my cat's claws ($30)

    Included Services: Collect Mail/PackagesRotate LightsRotate CurtainsWater PlantsWater Garden

    Trash Service:Please roll trash carts to the curb for trash service

    Grooming Services (requires round trip shuttle at $3.75/mile): Bath, Dry, Brush ($60)Shave with Bath($95 and up)De-Shedding with Bath ($95)De-Matting with Bath ($95 and up)

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