Cat Boarding Check-In Form

  • Pet Care Details

    You may submit one form for all cats or submit separate forms per cat. The choice is yours.
  • Cats 6 months and older must be spayed or neutered.
  • Skip medication section if your cat is not on medication.
  • All cats must be on a flea treatment while with us, such as Advantage or Revolution. If kitty is on monthly flea treatment, please bring in proof such as the packaging, product, or receipt. PLEASE NOTE: Flea collars are not accepted as flea treatment.
  • A Cat Has To Eat

  • A refrigerator and freezer is available, and we can feed all food types.
  • If kitty has unlimited access to food (free feeding), no additional instructions are needed.
    Food restriction / Anorexia is a behavior in which some cats engage when there is a change in their routine and/or environment. Refusing to eat is hard on the body and can lead to significant medical issues. We respond proactively with appropriate interventions including supporting a cat's physical health until they resume eating normally again. A smorgasbord of treats, wet food, and meat puree is often sufficient to encourage kitty to resume eating. Administration of subcutaneous fluids can treat and prevent dehydration. Manual feeding is also a method used to sustain kitty and encourage normal food intake. When the previous interventions fail, a veterinarian will usually prescribe an anti-nauseant, anti-anxiety, and/or appetite stimulant. Any fees incurred will be paid by cat owner at checkout. Estimated fees for interventions are on the boarding page of our website.
  • Additional Services

    Our boarding facilities offer opportunities for adventure. Our default policy is to offer cats private time exploring, relaxing, and playing with us in common areas, playrooms, and Catios. Should an opportunity arise, you can authorize group socialization and play, which is done under direct supervision by team members. Our "Catios" are secured, covered patios, porches, balconies, and decks for our guests to enjoy. If you are unsure how your cat will respond to new experiences, we can use our best judgment. Sometimes cats find their rooms so comfy that they prefer to be spoiled with room service.
  • Please allow my cat the following experiences:
  • Cat grooming services are billed at checkout.
  • Medical Authorization and Release

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