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Proof of Flea Treatment: Please provide proof of flea treatment. All cats without proof of flea treatment will be administered a monthly dose of treatment for $20.

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My Cat has been fed todayMy Cat has free access to food (free feeding)

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Food Motivator ($3 each)TunaBeef Baby FoodWet foodHydration through Sub-Cutaneous Fluids ($15 each)Manual Feeding ($25 each)

Food restriction (anorexia) can be life threatening. If anorexia persists, go to the vet after *


My cat is on medicationThe instructions on the medication are accurate. Please follow the instructions on the medication containerThe instructions on the bottle are not accurate

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Cats on insulin who food restrict must have blood glucose monitoring at $8.50 per measurement

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Additional Services:

Grooming (fees posted on website): Nail TrimBath, Dry, BrushShave with BathDe-Shedding with BathDe-Matting with Bath

Daily Treats ($1 each day): Fish FlakesGreeniesDental HealthOrganic Cat-Nip

Extra Petting & Playtime ($10 each session 15 mins):DailyEvery Other Day

Toys: Flying Feather ($10)Catnip Toy ($4)Bell Toy ($1)

Catio (Available at Sellwood and Tabor):

My cat is allowed to enjoy the secure outdoor Catio (secure outdoor patio) : YesNo